Huge Increase in Emigration from Ireland

October 8, 2012

In the last financial year over 87,000 people (or 2% of the entire population!) left Ireland to relocate overseas according to the Irish Central Statistics Office showing a jump of around 8 per cent.

Since records began in 1987 these are the highest figures that have been seen – and almost 95 per cent of these emigrants were aged under 45.

An expert in Irish migration at Anglia Polytechnic University, Professor Bronwen Walter points out that these numbers are "far larger than in the previous huge outpourings of the 1950s and late 1980s."

Although emigration has always been popular among Irish citizens, the recent economic troubles which have been growing since 2008 have made it a more popular option in recent times.

The current unemployment rate of 14.8 per cent is quickly making other countries (such as Australia and New Zealand) appear a popular option for relocation.

According to Irish marketing consultant Carol O'Hanlon who is in the process of relocating from Ireland to Britain, the poor job market is a popular reason for many people to consider emigration.

"The job market is very unstable here, and the country seems to be steeped in negativity," she said.

"Now that we have a small baby we want to make sure he has a better quality of life, in a country where the prospects are better than Ireland."

Although Britain can be a popular option for immigrants, many visa agencies have been inundated with requests for information about moving to Australia or New Zealand.

"But the key reason is often the lifestyle and weather; many want a better way of life for their kids," she said.

If you are looking for a better lifestyle and working opportunities for both you and your children – or you feel that you are stuck in a rut – emigration could be a great way to get your dream started.

To find out more about your eligibility and how you could get moving on your dream of emigration, contact The Emigration Group today on 01244 321414.

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