Good news for migrants

October 24, 2011

Last quarter, the Australian economy grew at its fastest pace in four years and experts predict the trend to continue for some time to come.

“The latest data will be reasonably encouraging for the Government, in the light of the substantial flood-induced fall in the first quarter,” said Mike Jakeman from The Economist Intelligence Unit.

“The economy has shown that it has the strength to bounce back from a severe shock.

“In Australian dollar terms we don’t expect to see much growth in exports for 2011 as a whole, but beyond that, the outlook for Australian commodity exports remains very positive.

“The Government will be most heartened by the resilience of the household sector… household spending on discretionary goods, such as clothes and shoes, and services, such as eating out, was very healthy in the second quarter.”

This is great news for anyone looking at potentially migrating to Australia as the booming economy is driving the need for an increased number of skilled migrants to fill job vacancies right across the country.

If you have been considering a move Down Under then there has never been a better time to migrate than now. At The Emigration Group we can make your emigration process a smooth one and even help you to track down potential job offers in Australia.

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