Creating your future in Canberra

February 7, 2014

Often overshadowed by the more well-known cities of Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra rarely gets a look in when it comes to migrating to Australia…

…but what many people don’t realise is that the nation’s capital has so much to offer in terms of a great lifestyle, climate and employment opportunities and as a result, it can be a great place to call home.

Currently Canberra is home to a wide range of expats, who have either relocated to work, or simply start a new life and it’s this great cultural melting pot that makes it so appealing to overseas workers and migrants.

Compared to Sydney and Melbourne, the city has a relatively low cost of living while still offering a great range of employment opportunities. With many major corporations and the Australian Parliament calling Canberra home, there are a wide range of job options in both the public and private sectors.

Not to mention, the city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country!

As a growing city, Canberra offers a society that is one of the best educated, youngest and most importantly inclusive in Australia – making it the perfect location for migrants who are looking to start a new life overseas.

And if you’re after sunshine, then you may be surprised to find that Canberra has one of the highest annual daily average hours of sunshine (7.2 hours per day) compared to 6.6 hours in Sydney and 5.7 hours in Melbourne.

As the city enters its second century, strong growth and development are on the cards and with this comes a plethora of job and lifestyle opportunities for locals and overseas migrants alike.

To find out more about what Canberra could offer you, give The Emigration Group a call today on 01244 321414.

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