Calling all Healthcare Professionals … Australia needs you!

October 5, 2011

Longer working hours, substantial job cuts and job insecurity – sound familiar?

The UK’s National Health Service would undergo a huge shakeup if reform plans proposed by the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron go ahead, and it comes as no surprise that protests and petitions from Doctors and Nurses alike have already emerged against the new reforms.

With Primary Care Trusts in the UK under risk of collapsing as they lose vital staff members, it looks like a gloomy outcome for NHS professionals in the United Kingdom.

In Australia, it’s a completely different story…

“The Australian health system is world-class in both its effectiveness and efficiency” (World Health Organization 2003).

Whilst Registered Nurses in the UK find themselves on average earning £26,456*, an average salary of £50,391 (A$77, 495)** is enjoyed by nurses in Australia.

In a recent article, the Mirror wrote “more than 4,200 nurses and midwives have quit the UK to work abroad in the past year…with most heading to Australia where they can earn more and work shorter hours”.

There has never been a bigger demand for Healthcare professionals in Australia as there is now.

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