Bid to lure bored Britons to South Australia

August 12, 2010

The potential for unusual jobs may attract Britons, the South Australian government hopes. A recruitment drive to lure Britons to jobs as diverse as ‘koala catcher’ and ‘beer taster’ has been launched by the government of South Australia.

It conducted a survey of 2,000 British employees which suggested 60% were bored with their jobs. It hopes the promise of the "ultimate work-life balance" will tempt more Brits abroad. Britons who fly to Australia on a working holiday visa would also be eligible for the roles.

The survey found those bored with their work said it rarely pushed them outside their comfort zone, while 71% said they never had an opportunity to escape the office.

The South Australian government is hoping to attract stressed and bored Brits, advertising a range of jobs "in stark contrast to the UK's long working hours, high taxes and increasing retirement age".

Other jobs include for a Little Penguin home remodeller onKangarooIsland, a shark personality profiler at Port Lincoln and a "roo poo" harvester.

South Australia's agent-general in London, Bill Muirhead, said this was the first time the jobs had been released collectively and they would be ideal for those on a Working Holiday Visa.

"Life seems to be dealing workers a rough hand at the moment. Not even the recent sunny weather has managed to cheer up the Brits.

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