Australian Unemployment at 2 year low

January 19, 2011

The unemployment rate in Australia has dropped significantly to 5 per cent at the end of 2010. This represents the lowest unemployment rate for the past two years and the worrying labour shortages could prevent the country recovering from devastating floods.

The country is currently enjoying a high level of employment with 11.4 million people currently employed, however the economy is growing and the country is expecting that a labour shortage could hinder their growth as the economy reaches full employment

The significant flooding that has affected a great deal of the northeast has provided a number of opportunities to overseas workers and volunteers. While Australian emergency services battle to recover from the flooding, wage inflation is around the corner as companies begin to compete with emergency services for employees.

The labour shortages represent a massive opportunity for skilled migrant workers that can add to the economy. An influx of migrant workers will prevent wage inflation and allow the Australian economy to grow quickly. A number of skills are in demand in the country and companies

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