Australian Mining Sector Struggles with Skills Shortage

May 24, 2011

The Australian resource industry is continuing to struggle with a skills shortage and peak industry groups in both Western Australia and Queensland have joined a national industry skills council to address the issue.

There is a huge requirement for workers; an estimated 30,000 will be needed at the Bowen Basin over the next six years and 33,000 in Western Australia.

The chief executive of QME, Reg Howard-Smith said Western Australia and Queensland are up against very serious problems with skills shortage.

‘Our ability to source skilled labour will prove vital in the delivery of projects on time and on budget,’ Mr Howard-Smith said.

‘Where there is mutual benefit, this new, non-binding collaboration, allows the partners to work towards securing policy and initiatives that will underpin national prosperity for decades to come.’

“In the wake of a record $31 billion of new investment recently committed in Queensland alone by LNG developers, it is imperative we band together in order to meet the sector’s increasing workforce needs to support this unprecedented growth.

The Government’s recent announcement on Enterprise Migration Agreements (EMA’s) was welcomed by the major resource industry employer AMMA.

The announcement will see an increase in the number of workers available for the resource industry as the Government lifts the level of skilled labour migration, providing opportunities for companies to grow with a $558 million employment fund.

The National Workforce Development Fund is designed to create a staggering 130,000 new training places over the next four years and a new enterprise migration agreement for large mining projects will result in 16,000 skilled immigrants allowed entry to the country to prevent labour shortages.

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