Australian Capital Territory wants migrants!

August 30, 2013

The Australian Capital Territory, more widely known as the ACT, is Australia’s smallest territory but still very influential. With Australia’s capital Canberra at its heart, it is a thriving and unique territory – with the Federal Government based here, the ACT can offer a great lifestyle with fantastic education systems and prosperous career opportunities.

Despite its size, the ACT is a common first arrival point for many new migrants with the state prepared to sponsor a large number of occupations. This sponsorship drive continues to support the diverse range of industry and economy that grows across Canberra.

In September, the Australian Capital Territory has announced that they will re-commence nominations for a number of new skilled occupations, in addition to the large number of occupations they already offer sponsorship for. This is great news for potential migrants looking to start a new life Down Under.

Included in these new additions are

· ICT Business and Systems Analysts

· Telecommunications Engineering Professionals

· Software and Applications Programmers

· Financial Investment Managers

· Architects

· Automotive Electricians

· Chefs

· Fashion Designers

· And many more – get in touch to find out if your occupation is sponsored.

Sponsored migration through a state or Territory government allows the applicant and their family to reside permanently in Australia, providing they commit to live and work in the state or Territory that nominates them for their first 2 years in the country. Importantly, different states sponsor different occupations depending on their individual needs. To find out more about which states are sponsoring your occupation, please get in touch.

Sponsored migration might sound confusing, and with over 150 different visa categories for Australia there could be multiple visa options available to you. For a better understanding, talk to one of our experts. At The Emigration Group we have over twenty years’ knowledge and expertise, and can take all the stress and confusion out of securing your new life in Australia.

We run a variety of emigration seminars designed to answer any questions that you might have about a potential move overseas, and arm you with the information that you need to make an informed decision. So if you are looking to find out more about ACT sponsored migration – or migration to Australia in general then why not come along to one of our forthcoming seminars.

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