Australian Businesses Call for an Increase in Immigration

May 9, 2011

Many Australian businesses are urging the government to increase the skilled migration levels following serious labour shortages. Unemployed has fallen below five per cent in the country and companies are looking overseas to fill their labour gaps.

New job creation levels are set at around 30,000 per month and Skills Australia believe that over the next 15 years 9.3 million jobs will be created. The country will need to commit to increases in the number of permanent immigration if the economy is to meet the level of growth.

The immigration policy will need to be flexible so that the economy is allowed to continue growth. The current limits of migration are far too restrictive and don’t meet the level of growth that has been predicted for the economy.

By increasing the levels of immigration the government will provide businesses with insurance for their investments. A company will be much more likely to commit to a long term investment if they know that they will be able to recruit a work force in the future.

According to Skills Australia the increase in immigration should apply to both permanent and temporary visas along with the creation of new enterprise visas that increase the amount of investment into the Australian economy.

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