Australia Announces Priority Processing

January 14, 2009

From 1 January 2009, the new Ministerial Direction gives priority processing to applications strictly in the following order:

1. Employer sponsorship; then

2. State or Territory Sponsorship; then

3. An occupation on the Critical Skills List (CSL); then

4. Business skills; then

5. An occupation on the MODL; and then

6. All other applications

The ASPC is currently in the process of identifying and allocating all State or Territory Sponsored applications. Once these are all completely allocated, only then will cases with occupations on the CSL commence allocation and not until after all CSL applications are allocated will we be able to look at the remaning application priorities.

Any further updates to our new processing priorities will be posted on the DIAC website which we encourage you to review on a regular basis. Please see

For more information or to discuss your own position, please call us on 0845 230 4390 or 01244 321414 from a mobile.

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