With a huge number of construction projects planned, there is a strong demand for painters and decorators throughout New Zealand. If you work in this industry and are looking for a new challenge, then migrating to New Zealand is something you should seriously consider. With great career opportunities and a fantastic work life balance, working in the painting trades will allow you to experience a whole new way of life in this country.

Do I need a specific Painting Trade qualification?

As with any type of skilled occupation, you will need to be able to prove that you have the appropriate skills to undertake this job successfully within New Zealand. This could be evidenced through a formal qualification in your trade, or through strong evidence of your work experience. Some employers however, may wish to see both.

How can The Emigration Group help me?

With over 20 years of experience helping migrants secure the right visa, the Emigration Group are industry leaders in making sure your dreams of a new life in New Zealand become a reality. Our team has all the information and knowledge needed to give your visa application the best chance of success along with providing you with assistance in your job search. We’ll keep you informed at every stage so you know what’s happening.

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The Emigration Group has been helping people to realise their dream of moving to New Zealand for around 30 years.

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