The construction industry holds a wealth of jobs and opportunities in New Zealand as the country continues to grow, and carpenters are in high demand. There are plenty of new projects planned for years to come in many areas of the country, providing a stable environment in which to use the skills you have learned while enjoying a brand new life and excellent career prospects.

Do I need formal qualifications?

To work as a carpenter in New Zealand, you must be able to prove that you have the qualifications or the experience – in some cases, both are required – to succeed in the role. With the strong demand for people in this profession, you may require a formal apprenticeship to succeed in your application, however work experience can sometimes substitute this. Many carpenters find that they require a job offer in new Zealand to meet criteria for a visa application.

Can I get help from The Emigration Group?

The Emigration Group have over two decades experience when it comes to dealing with potential migrants and we are here to help you. Every year we help thousands of Brits move overseas to realise their dreams of working abroad, organsing visas and jobs for carpenters every year. If you are currently working as a carpenter then there has never been a better time to move to New Zealand.

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