The IT industry has seen a real boom in recent years in Australia and is in dire need of more professionals.

Depending on the type of IT profession that you are in, you could be in high demand in Australia, and certain areas such as web development and project management are crying out for additional staff. So whether you have recently qualified in the IT industry or you’re a seasoned professional, if you are looking to relocate overseas then there has never been a better time than now.

Do I need a specific qualification to work as an IT Professional?

If you are looking to work in Australia on a skilled visa then you will be required to prove that you have the appropriate skills and qualifications needed to perform a certain role and this is usually done through a skills assessment, which takes into consideration any qualifications and experience that you might have.

In general you will need to have your skills assessed by the Australian Computer Society. Once they have received your information they will return either a positive or negative assessment depending on their review.

How can The Emigration Group help to simplify the process?

The Emigration Group can work with you to help realise your migration dream, and also to secure the right visa. Our experience and knowledge of the process means you will have the best chance of success and realise your dreamt to migrate to Australia.

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