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Health Care in the New Zealand

There are a few considerations to be taken when moving country and at the forefront of your mind will be yours and your loved ones health. New Zealand runs a successful healthcare system made up of both public and private sectors. Healthcare is readily available to any resident of the country and to people with a work permit of a minimum of two years.

Public Health Care

The New Zealand public healthcare system is heavily subsidised by the Government and provides a wide range of medical facilities for residents at reasonable prices. Some of these facilities include:
  • Most laboratory tests and X-Rays are free excluding private clinics
  • Free healthcare during pregnancy, from the diagnosis to the pre and post natal care of mother and child.
  • GP's referral to the hospital for treatment
  • Free breast screening for women aged 50-64
  • Hospital beds and treatments including 24 hours in Accident and Emergency

Private Healthcare

Sixty per cent of people in New Zealand choose to supplement public healthcare with private. Private healthcare could reduce sometimes a six month waiting list for procedures.

There is a big market in private healthcare in New Zealand but of course you will have to pay for this service.

The cost of private healthcare varies with different premiums and policies but it is important to check around several different healthcare providers and insurers to get the best possible deal. These can be found under "medical insurance" within the yellow pages.


The Accident Compensation scheme is a service which helps anyone who has accidentally suffered an injury which prevents them from working. ACC will also subsidise any extra treatment needed by a patient as long as it is being carried out by a registered healthcare professional. The compensation usually takes into account 80 per cent of your earnings before tax which can be of considerable help if you are put out of work due to unfortunate circumstances. The scheme is run on a tax on employers and employees and helps to limit the rise of "the compensation culture. This is available to all citizens of New Zealand.

Dental Services

Dental care is very similar to that of the UK. All school children are entitled to free basic dental care but must pay after leaving. Adults must pay a full cost for treatment; treatments are more expensive on average in the cities so some may choose to go out of town for their dental care.