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Finding Jobs In Australia through our Jobsearch programme

Unless you are retired or a business migrant, finding a suitable job in Australia is critical to a successful resettlement. Trying to find a job from 12,000 miles away is no easy task. Where do you begin? The answer is - YOU don�t have to. WE can do it for you.

We are your link to the local job market - your local representation. We successfully link together employers and job seekers, providing the �fast track way to jobs in Australia.�

There is no doubt that the most common question posed by migrants relates to their job prospects. Our experience shows that successful resettlement is only really achieved after the migrant has found suitable employment. We understand the importance of a confirmed job offer for the peace of mind for you and your family and recommend you seek employment opportunities before emigrating. This can pay dividends in another crucial area. Under residence �points systems�, emphasis is often placed on a job offer, which is worth extra points. Clearly those applicants with a job offer have a significant advantage over those applying without one. Why not make use of our FREE On Line Job Appraisal Service. It only takes a couple of minutes. (Click on the blue link button to the left of the page)

Our Experience

Our Jobsearch service was established in 1994 as we realized that investment in permanent and local jobsearch offices was critical to the successful resettlement of clients. We understand that migrants trying to manage their own jobsearch successfully from the other side of the world face a major disadvantage�.they have no local representation, the effectiveness of which is highlighted in the client testimonies below. The Emigration Group is not a typical employment agency as we do not act for employers. We act for you, offering an exemplary service and are proud to be able to boast around a 96% success rate in placing clients in employment - clear proof that our service works. This success applies to people covering the full spectrum of trades and professions.
I found the service to be a worthwhile investment. They have a task to do and they do it very well. I tried for six months to find a job from England via email and the internet and failed miserably. Once you took control I secured a job within three months.
Keith Warris, (Fitter)
I tried over 150 companies over 18 phone, fax and email...without success. (Having retained your services) I had just two interviews and got employment on the second one.
Chris Jones, (Engineer)

Our Jobsearch Programme

Having carefully briefed us with regard to your job requirements and parameters, we will commence work on your behalf. Our contacts and knowledge of the local employment market are extensive, making us best placed to market your skills effectively. As well as monitoring job vacancies and advocating on your behalf, our contacts and research facilities will give you access to the unadvertised job market. It is estimated that over 60% of vacancies are filled without an advertisement ever being placed! By carefully marketing you to employers in this way, we aim to arrange a series of introductions and interviews in your particular trade or profession.

Our Jobsearch Programme has one aim - to secure you a job faster and at a level of remuneration which fully reflects your skills and experience, so that you are earning as soon as possible after you arrive �Down Under.�
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