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Cost of Living in Western Australia

All of Australia's major cities rank amongst the world's top 30 for the quality of life and Perth features in the top 20. Western Australia consistently ranks well in many international studies when judging the quality of life and the affordable cost of living.

As is consistent throughout Australia, if you are living in the city then you would expect to pay more than if you live further away, and this continues in Western Australia with basic prices in Perth generally more expensive than those in the outer suburbs.

Cost Of Living (per month):


  • Apartment (1 bedroom): £1285
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms): £2056

Transportation and Utilities

  • Basic utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water): £212
  • Internet: £47
  • Mobile phone (per min): 45p
  • Monthly transport pass: £102
  • Gasoline (1L): 99p
  • Taxi (1km): £1.21

Basic Groceries

  • Milk (1L): £1.17
  • Loaf of bread: £1.92
  • Eggs (12): £3.42
  • Cheese (kg): £6.85
  • Potato (kg): £1.71
  • Chicken (kg): £8.22
  • Beer: £3.43
  • Wine: £10.28