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Jobs in The Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has the lowest unemployment rates across the whole of Australia showing there is ample opportunity within the state to earn a living. The unemployment rate is also considerably lower than the UK.

The Northern Territory provides opportunities in almost any industry and is one of the most popular location choices for new migrants.


The Northern Territory is world famous for its tourist attractions so it stands that tourism is one of the state's biggest employers. With attractions and places such as King's Canyon and Uluru-Kata Tjuta (Ayers Rock) the region is extremely popular with visitors. This industry creates a great deal of employment for locals.

Retail/Hospitality and Business Services

These sectors provide thousands of jobs within the Northern Territory and Hospitality is the Northern Territory's second largest employer. There are also opportunities working within local bars, cafes and restaurants available, both full and part time.


This is the 'engine room' of the Northern Territory's economy and worth $4.3 billion. There are many rich resources in the Northern Territory including 'Ranger' the second biggest Uranium mine in the world, the McArthur river, Australia's third largest Zinc producer and also the sixth largest gold mine in Australia which is found in the Tamani Desert. All of these mines offer good employment opportunities and excellent salaries.


This industry is a key component to the Northern Territory economy holding close ties with the mining and construction sectors. The Northern Territory is also ideally situated to do business with and provide the big consumer market which is Asia. The manufacturing industry provides a wide range of employment opportunities from entry level positions right through to management.


This sector is currently expanding as the Northern Territory is now a key trade gateway to Asia. There has also been a need for new housing in the Northern Territory, with sites planned by the Government. In addition there have been several new developments like the Darwin Convention Centre, contributing to the continuous growth of the construction sector.


There are a total of around 650 businesses involved in the fishing industry based in the Northern Territory. These businesses range from fishing to marine engineering. Deep sea fishing is popular off the north coast of Darwin and there is a great deal of money to be made when retrieving some of Australia's most popular delicacies.

Energy Production

There is an abundance of resources in and around the State. Just north of the Northern Territory is the Bonaparte basin which has huge gas reserves and is currently under development. The Timor Sea also harbours oil, gas fields and petroleum and has many developments both planned and already in action. Both of these developments offer a wide range of working opportunities.