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Cost of Living in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory can be seen to be more expensive than other areas of Australia. This is because store goods can cost more as a result of the lower population and vast distances to deliver goods. However residents of the state have found they spend less on travelling around the local community and less on parking fees in the NT.

Darwin's consumer price index has grown at a much slower rate over the past ten years compared to the rest of Australia. It is important to note, however, that although prices in Australia are rising they are still on average, cheaper than Britain.

Cost Of Living (per month):


  • Apartment (1 bedroom): £1370
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms): £2056

Transportation and Utilities

  • Basic utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water): £179
  • Internet: £37
  • Mobile phone (per min): 31p
  • Monthly transport pass: £41
  • Gasoline (1L): £1.04
  • Taxi (1km): £1.87

Basic Groceries

  • Milk (1L): £1.37
  • Loaf of bread: £1.88
  • Eggs (12): £2.40
  • Cheese (kg): £6.85
  • Chicken (kg): £6.85
  • Beer: £4.63
  • Wine: £10.28